GCell Beacon Manager app

Take full control of your GCell Bluetooth beacons with the GCell Beacon Manager app.

  • Connector.


    Search for GCell Bluetooth Beacons within range

  • Connector.


    Identify any beacons that are reset and ready to be configured

  • Connector.


    Configure UUID, Major and Minor Values

  • Connector.


    Manage and share beacon labels and UUIDs

  • Connector.


    Measure location suitability for using solar powered iBeacon using the onboard lux sensor

GCell notification framework

Get started with adding iBeacon technology to your app with the GCell iBeacon Notification Framework


Example Swift code using the GCell iBeacon Notification Framework can be found on our GitHub page.

This project, written in Swift XCode 7.3, is an example XCode project that uses the GCell iBeacon Notification Framework to easily set up and detect proximity to nearby iBeacons.


Example Android Studio Project using the GCellBeaconScan Library to detect nearby beacons. Additional Notification Framework will be available shortly.

For more information about iBeacons, potential applications, the Framework and other software support such as platforms please email us.