iBeacon deployment services

Take the hassle out of deployments with a range of iBeacon installation services and support packages from GCell.

GCell can help you plan your customer proximity experiences from the very beginning. This half-day workshop will help you map out your customer journey before any Beacon hardware or platform subscription has been made.
As part of our deployment services we will undertake a survey of your site(s) and produce an installation pack report that is specific to your project.

This report provides you with everything you need to know to manage your beacon installation efficiently, whilst ensuring you adhere to beacon best-practice.

Don’t forget to ask about GCell Beacon pre-configuration at time of manufacture. It’s FREE and could save you a heap of time installing on-site.
We can install your beacons using our installation pack report.

Alternatively, we can be on-site to work with your designated facilities management team for the installation of beacons. As part of this package each installation will also undergo a full test-drive to ensure the installation meets the proximity experience you are creating.

GCell offer bespoke framework and app integration, for both Android and iOS. These frameworks can help you to quickly get to grips with experiencing proximity technologies.
GCell Beacons are typically maintenance-free but some of our clients want peace-of-mind for the investment in their customer proximity experience.

So we offer a tailor-made range of support packages and on-going maintenance packages to suit your Beacon infrastructure.

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