iBeacon for sports stadiums

A whole new level of match-day experiences

Deliver exclusive fan experiences during game-day, including click n’ collect shopping promotions and rich content. Capture insights into fan movements and react with live audience targeting.

Why iBeacon?

iBeacon™ uses Bluetooth® that is used for creating precision micro-location fan experiences.

Bluetooth iBeacons are installed at venues to complement the stadium wi-fi network. iBeacon for sport stadiums is used to trigger experiences for the fan right at the time of their visit, without putting strain on the network. Whereas wi-fi is typically used for large data-transfer such as video and replays.

Deliver new match-day experiences

iBeacon for sports stadiums is the gateway to linking social, digital and physical sporting experiences.

A sports team that adds iBeacon technology to the stadium and team app can engage, retain and monetise its customers. It’s a whole-new level of match-day experiences.

Create powerful campaigns

Sports teams typically have a greater number of fans than they do customers. And there lies the match-winning commercial opportunity to monetise fans.

A sports team that adds iBeacon technology to stadiums, nearby transport hubs, supporters bars and other popular fan areas can precisely target fans, right at the time of a sporting moment.

Realise the sporting-app advantage

Sports teams have the advantage that fans actually want to download and continue using the team specific app because of the team and data-rich content.

A sports team that uses iBeacon at stadium can also deliver proximity rich mobile content. This can empower sports teams to achieve a 65% click-through rate triggered by iBeacon and Geo-fencing technology.

Orlando Magic generated $1 Million in ticket sales with iBeacon

Location-powered fan experiences

Adding iBeacon technology to your stadium allows you to create a whole new range of fan experiences. But the benefits don’t stop there. There are many commercial and operational reasons to add iBeacon capabilities to your sports teams app and sporting venues.


Promote in-game discounts and coupons

Empower fans to locate friends at the stadium

Create loyalty and rewards based on attendance

Offer fans seat upgrades and last-minute tickets

Gain valuable insights into fan behaviour

Create unique brand & sponsorship opportunities

Push drinks & snacks at off-peak times

Lure-in fans to your club superstore

Reduce queuing times with queue notifications

Enhance security and monitor fan movements

Use location based messaging to talk to fans

Reduce stewarding costs with indoor navigation

Download: Proximity Marketing in Sports & Events – Q2 2016 Report – Proxbook

Radical business model for iBeacon at sport stadiums

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